Nord catalogues. Helical Inline Geared Motors. Parallel Shaft Geared Motors. Helical Bevel Geared Motors. Worm Geared Motors. Variable Speed Motors.

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Nord catalogues. Helical Inline Geared Motors. Parallel Shaft Geared Motors. Helical Bevel Geared Motors. Worm Geared Motors. Variable Speed Motors. Asynchronous Motors. Synchronous Motors. Explosion proof motors. Frequency Inverters. Decentralised Inverters. As early as the s, NORD developed the most important innovation in gear unit construction to the present day. The unicase concept. All bearing holes and sealing surfaces are machined in a single stage on the latest CNC centres.

NORD develops its own motors and supplies them to all the major markets throughout the world. Our own developments ensure a high level of independence from external suppliers and therefore provides our customers with the decisive advantage of short and highly dependable delivery times. NORD fulfils all of the current efficiency regulations and supplies a wide range of energy saving motors for the international market, with which operating costs can be considerably reduced.

NORD produces frequency inverters and servo controllers for the necessary power electronics. Inverter solutions are available both for classical installation in switching cabinets as well as for decentralised and fully integrated drive units. Profit from our many years of know-how with innovative products and great flexibility. Our product range includes electronic motor starters, frequency inverters and servo controllers from a single source.

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Nord geared motors. Nord Industrial Gear Units. Nord Electric Motors. Nord Drive Electronics. Nord electric motors. Products range Standard motors Specific Motors. Nord frequency inverters and starters. Request for quotation.



NORD produces three geared motor series with high output torques and high efficiency for a wide variety of applications in more than industries. We work closely with our customers to find the optimum solution for their requirements. Millions of NORD geared motors are already in use throughout the world and provide ultimate performance in various industries every day. Our geared motors not only have a high performance, they also have a high axial and radial load capacity. Thanks to our universal gear unit concept, users also benefit from rapid rebuilding times and simplified stocks.


Nord Geared Motors

Mumbai, Maharashtra. Poonamalle, Chennai No. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Jetpar Road, Morbi, Dist. Rajkot Pl. Rajkot, Gujarat.


Nord SK 22 – 90S/4

Call now. Click on the links below to see Drawings and Specs:. Nord helical gear units are have the highest efficiencies, combined with energy-efficient Nord motors and central or decentralised frequency inverters to provide versatile system solutions with the highest levels of efficiency and economy. Standard nord gear motors are used for various applications. With powerful drive solutions, NORD gear motors put even the largest machines of this world into motion: huge cranes in harbor facilities, retractable roofs in sports stadiums, luggage conveyor belts in airports and ski lifts. No matter what your application is, NORD gear motors are sure to keep them running.


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The design of user-specic drive solutions with close customer support from the planning phase right up to commissioning is what makes NORD a strong and The unicase concept features extreme precision, rigidity and strength. There is no joint between the output side and the gear unit, which is subject to radial forces or torque. For special ambient conditions, other sealing systems such as gamma-ring seals, labyrinth seals and Taconite

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