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Updated: Mar Let us see the top 5 movies based on novels with their rating. The Ritual , rating 7. Results 1 - 20 of Buy saisuthe Books Online in India.


Books by Saisuthe

Bannada Chumbaka. Hamsa Pallaki. Janani Janma Bhoomi. Kadala Muttu. Mattondu Baadada Hoovu. Priya Sakhi.


Saisuthe Books

There are many such movies in sandalwood which are based on novels. Sharapanjara , hannele chiguridaga , hoovu hannu , Sothu geddavalu All these are based on novels of the same name authored by Triveni. To be Frank I've read almost all the novels based on which the above mentioned movies have been made. Even though both novel and the movie portray the same storyline , Movies fail in giving that feeling of satisfaction and excitement. This becomes true especially when you read the novel first and then go for watching the movie , you will definitely realise that reading the same story as a novel is much more satisfying than watching it as a movie. Though the novel and the movie both depict the same story with the same characters , they are not the same!!!



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