Published by Kailas Editorial, S. Seller Rating:. About this Item: Kailas Editorial, S. Condition: New. La "Serie de Una vez", con Felix, inconsciente del riesgo, se escapa para buscar a sus padres.

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By Morris Gleitzman. Los nazis arrasan Europa. Varsovia, Upload Sign In Join. Home Books. Create a List. Download to App.

Length: pages 2 hours. Description Los nazis arrasan Europa. Me llamo Felix. Esta es mi historia. Book Preview Una vez - Morris Gleitzman. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. Felix was completely clueless about the fate of his parents. When he discovers the Nazi's are burning Jewish books, he panics about his parents who own a bookstore. He leaves the shelter of the orphanage and sets off to his hometown to try to find and warn his parents.

On his way he discovers a farm where the chickens and adults are all dead, and just an injured girl remains. The two head toward the city all the while figuring out what is really going on around them. Felix, a storyteller, has a complicated relationship with stories and the chapters in the book open as if fairy tales.

Felix lives in a Catholic orphanage. He tells himself that his bookseller parents have gone off to find new books for their store. He makes up many stories to try to explain the madness around him.

But after running away from the orphanage, he needs to face the truth of what is happening. A beautiful and tragic Holocaust story, told through the innocent eyes of a nine-year-old boy.

Sheltered in a Polish orphanage, posing as a Catholic, he has no idea what's going on around him until he runs away to find his parents.

What he witnesses he at first does not understand, but the reader does and gradually Felix's naiteve is stripped away. If you like Jerry Spinelli's Milkweed , you'll love Once. When he leaves to go in search of his parents a realisation of the horrors people have been through gradually dawns on him. This means that young readers work out the truth along with Felix. It is very emotional though. As ever, Morris Gleitzman manages to deal with hard hitting subjects with humour and sensitivity.

Felix is a young, Jewish boy living in Poland during the time of Nazi occupation in the s. He is placed in an orphanage in , and three years and eight months later he receives a whole carrot in his soup. He believes this is a sign from his parents, saying that they are finally coming back for him.

This immediately inspires him to escape from the orphanage, and journey across Poland in the hope of finding his parents. Whilst he is on his crazy journey, he stumbles upon Nazis, an orphaned young girl, named Zelda, and a dentist who is hiding a group of Jewish children. The fact that Felix is so, unbelievably innocent and naive leads him to think of this horrific time, as simple mistakes or accidents.

Experiencing WWII through the eyes of such a young child, allows the reader to see things in a different way. Even though the truth of WWII is not portrayed through the child's viewpoint, it still impacts the reader in an immensely harsh way. I recommend this book to anyone who likes war fiction, as I do. Gleitzman yet again succeeds in writing a fabulous story. He manages to turn WWII into a journey of a young, Jewish boy with his heart set on finding his family.

Once, written byu Morris Glietzman is a tragic yet heartwarming story involving a Jewish boy named Felix. Being an orphaned boy during the period of the Holocaust isn't a happy time at the orphanage, yet Felix is known for his storytelling and cheering fellow peers during hard times such as this. After being given a carrot, being EXTREMLY rare at the orphanage, Felix, naive as he is, takes this as a sign of hope, indicating that his parents, Jewish booksellers, are alive and are trying to contact him so with that being, he sets across Germany to find them and himself, moraly.

Along the journey, his naive and unmatured mind has led him to believe that ''these angry men, shouting'', Felix referrring them whom of which are known as Nazis have nothing to do with infiltrating the country until the end of the storyline.

It is a great read for everyone who loves books that are based on true events especially on war and I would rate this book a massive 5 stars as it was incredibly moving. A story set during the second world war, the narrator being a young Jewish boy who runs away from an orphanage to find his parents.

Told in the first person, Gleitzman captures the brutality, violence and tragedy through innocent eyes. In this way, the novel provides a nice counter-point to Boyne's 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', telling the story of this time from a mirror perspective.

I thought the book was higly effective, dealing with incidents sensitively, without condescension but through an authentic narrative voice.

Great story worth the read, and I look forward to reading the next in the trilogy. Felix, a Jewish boy in Poland in , thinks he's in a Catholic orphanage while his parents are traveling.

They are in fact been herded up and sentof to a concentration camp. However, when he finds out about the war, and that his parents may be in danger, Felix sets off to warn them--straight into the heart of Nazi-occupied Poland. The first book Once, followed by Then, Now and After. This was a really sweet and innocent look at the plight of Jewish people during the Holocaust.

It's an easy to read story with a very unique and distinct narrator. Felix is a very lovable character and I was drawn into his world from the very first page. His outlook on life is fascinating and the stories he makes up to explain what he doesn't understand are what makes this book really special. I liked how it ended but I would have liked even more to have found how what happened to Felix from then on. The story of Felix a young Polish Jew who escapes from a Catholic orphanage where his parents had left him almost four years before in the hope that he would be safe from the Nazis.

Felix sets out to find his parents and his journey is portrayed in both a humorous and desperately sad way as he comes to terms with exactly what the Nazi invasion and round up of the Jews means. This story is a short one and quite an easy read but it is beautifly written and I loved it!

It is amazing on the struggle Felix faced in Poland. I'd definitly reccommend this book a fantastic read. This book had great character building and a lovely buildup of understanding for the main character; he starts with a juvenile, sheltered understanding of the political strife of his country that blossoms slowly into realization. I intend to read the others eventually. I read this book to my fifth grade students when they are learning about the Holocaust.

It is an amazing story of a young Polish boy named Felix who understands nothing about what is happening in his country. As the story unfolds, numerous incidents that he assumes are accidents or mistakes gradually help him understand Hitler and the Nazis for what they truly are.

His innocence is heartbreaking and helps helps develop a deeper understanding of the Holocaust through a child's eyes. Although honest, Once is appropriate for older elementary students while still being engaging to adults. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The childhood innocence in this story reminded me of the award winning movie "Life is Beautiful". A book that can't be put down. YA book - simple but poignant. Not as good as Boy in the Striped Pyjamas but an interesting perspective.

An excellent portrayal of the brutality of the Holocaust told through the innocent eyes of a 9 year old Polish boy who gradually understands the reality of the fate of his missing parents. Two more books will finish the series - Now and Then. Once I saved a girl called Zelda from a burning house.

Once I made a Nazi with toothache laugh. My name is Felix. This is my story. Oh my gosh! This story is so powerful. You will be so moved that you will forget that you are reading this horrifying story but living it! Felix and Zelda's journey will never leave you even after the last page has been read.

He is waiting for them to come back and get him when he is forced into action by the arrival of strangers at the orphanage. The strangers are called "Nazis" and from what Felix can tell, they hate books and want to burn them. This is unfortunate for Felix, because his parents are booksellers.

So he escapes from the orphanage to find his way back home and save his parents' books from being burned by Nazis. It feels wrong to say that my favorite thing about this story was how short it was, but there really is a certain integrity to the fact that it doesn't drag on and on. I found Felix's very strong obliviousness and denial annoying at first, but he eventually comes around.

His journey is very difficult - not just the physical journey, but his emotional realization that he has been shielded from the evil of the world his whole life. When the book ends his physical tribulations have not begun to end, but at least he is fully aware of where he stands in the world.

I also enjoyed that some of the events in the book are based on true stories. Highly recommended for a short and emotional read or listen, as the author is an excellent narrator.


Morris Gleitzman

Morris Gleitzman born 9 January is an English-born Australian author of children's and young adult fiction. Gleitzman has collaborated on children's series with another Australian children's author, Paul Jennings. Gleitzman has also published three collections of his newspaper columns for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald as books for an adult readership, and he used to write for the popular Norman Gunston Show in the s. Gleitzman was born in Sleaford , Lincolnshire. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Morris Gleitzman. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.


Vez by Morris Gleitzman

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